Austravel – Destination page

Austravel Destination Page Redesign

The destination pages are critical landing pages for this tour operator. Not only do they allow customers to see recommended itineraries and browse to further content but are key landing pages for some destinations. Austravel came to me with a brief to align the pages better with user needs and improve the SEO.

What we did

Starting with pen and paper we sketched out differing options taking a mobile first approach. We wanted the page to tell a much better story about the destination, as well as getting customers in to some of their amazing itineraries. These were guerilla tested and then presented and to the project stakeholders.


Once the sketches were agreed we moved straight to a prototype using Axure. This allowed us to get a feel for how the page would work across different levels of the geography.

Remote Usability Testing

The prototype was tested remotely using 5 participants using the web service Barring a couple of IA issues we found that users reacted well to the page and were able to complete the task with relative ease.


The prototype was handed straight to the visual designers for translation into the final product. This tied in with a larger brand refresh.