American Holidays

American Holidays

The American Holidays team had just gone through a rebrand and were keen to update their online presence and update their old CMS. The UX team were invited to help them understand their customers and help guide their intended design work.

What we did

Over a couple of days we ran various workshops with the business to understand the customer drivers and motivations. Through a mixture of call listening,  user testing and site feedback tools we found that the current site served customers fairly well. They used it as a catalogue and were happy that it gave them enough detail before having to make the call to get an accurate price. We ran workshops within the business to produce a series of tools.


From the research we were able to provide American Holidays with a number of tools to help their agency design the website. Assumptive personas to guide their design thinking, a mental model of customer needs and an idea of the order in which those needs should be met, and a set of feedback on the existing site architecture. We provided a recommended site architecture following the card sorting exercises.


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