Hey there. I’m a multi-skilled designer based remotely in South West France. By listening to customers and observing them use products I create experiences that are enjoyable and effortless.

I’m a multi-skilled end-to end designer comfortable working end to end through the digital product design cycle. I have mastered many different disciples throughout my career which means that I am now equally comfortable with visual design, UI design, user experience design (and all that entails), user research as well as coding (primarily html/css). Perhaps I’m what Jared Spool calls a UX Unicorn – someone who achieves the mastery of multiple disciplines – and something which can only be acquired through years of time spent with each.

I have a proven track record working remotely and will help define and deliver complex user stories in an agile environment. I know design is all about balancing trade offs and risks, and will talk you through my whys and wherefores. I know when to sweat the small stuff, but also when getting it done is good enough.  I have recently worked on SAAS and e-commerce products and like to work in fast paced teams where we can design, prototype and ship and learn quickly as a team.


Getting feedback from as many sources as possible I will start with the customer to build a picture of their goals, needs and expectations.

Design and Prototyping

I can flex to your process and needs but like to include as many of the team as possible in design. I can prototype low or high fidelity using tools like Axure and Figma.


I can delivery high fidelity mockups or whatever fidelity is required to get value delivered as quick as possible. I can also get my hands dirty and help engineering teams polish the html/css so that we can deliver maximum value and quality.


Time for the proceed or pivot moment when we see how real customers use the product. I like to organise and facilitate usability testing in a way that the whole team can observe and benefit.

Case Studies

Some happy customers


Like what you see? If you’re looking for your next UX’er call me on
+33 (0) 6 58 37 44 36 or contact me via LinkedIn